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Day 1

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Time goes very slowly, and as I came from Doha which is 7 hours ahead of Baltimore, I guess I suffer a bit of jetlag, thus this is past my bed time, and I am fully awake at 6 am in the morning...

But the day did not start till around 10am with a trip to go an organic supermarket to buy healthy food stuff... My host likes to eat healthy and I guess it must be hip to eat organic food in the US.

I'd say this is pampering... I might get sick of unhealthy and dusty food in Doha, once I get back to Qatar...

Hank bought tickets to see the No. 1 American Ball Game - Base ball; and it's an American thing to watch the game which was part of the US attraction. I guess this is how you will feel and being part of the American way of life.

We went to watch Major League between Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees.

The game finished at about 11.15 pm and we walked to the promenade, where we end up seeing the homeless. It was strange to me that Hank could not distinguished between the New Yorker supporter who come to town and the local homeless people, while I did that right the first time I saw them.

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With Qatar Airways to DC

Not Impressed

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I left the office in a hurry to catch a morning flight to Washington, and then a 14 hour journey before arriving at International Airport Dulles (IAD). After a one and a half hour delay in Qatar and 14 hours flying across the Mediterranean, European Continent and the Atlantic Ocean we finally arrived in the US.

Before entering US, we need to go through customs, and the system takes a very long time to get through, as they check for everything.... I have traveled to many places, and this is the only place that is so complicated and it doesn't go smoothly. It was pretty smooth in London last year; Washington International Airport was no way near London Heathrow on efficiency.

Going through custom took almost 2 hours, so the luggage should have been there waiting for me, but there's no sign of my suitcase as all black suitcases look the same.It took me another hour to find my suitcase. I was panicking and thinking that all my travel equipment i.e. camera and lenses might be lost and how could I replace them especially for this trip.

Anyway, I managed to get out of the airport, which to me was not impressive at all. It's a bit dated compared to other airports in Asia as well as Europe.

Hank was there waiting for me and we managed to take a little tour of Georgetown, a suburb of Washington and have supper in an Italian Restaurant: Paper Moon. Too bad I didn't bring my camera

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Fancy Holiday to East Coast Us

The Plan

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All the paper works and travel documents preparation are there, ticket, visa, exit permit, international driving license, and everything... I could not wait any longer... and it is still two days away before my departure, the daily routine is still there, going to the office and working hard, as there are loads of things to finish off before I go.

Here is the itineraries of my FANCY HOLIDAY...

Day 1: July 26 - departure from Doha using the promotion flight direct to Dulles Airport, Washington DC. Arrive in the evening at 19.10
Day 2: July 27 - driving around Baltimore before ends up watching the famous American Game: Baseball
Day 3: July 28 - Driving up to Boston, and will stay for 2 nights
Day 5: July 30 - Drive down to New York and spend three nights
Day 8: August 2 - Drive to Philadelphia, do a city tour before drive back to Baltimore
Day 9: August 3 - Fly to Orlando and spend 3 nights to see Disney World...
Day 12: August 6 - Fly back to Baltimore and maybe drive to Columbia and /or/or not Annapolis
Day 13: August 7 - Sightseeing Washington DC
Day 14: August 8 - ????
Day 15: August 9 - Fly back to Doha

Any idea? I think this will be a hectic but fun holiday...

This is the trip Map

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Here We Come...

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Bangkok used to be the second most popular destination for Indonesian who wants to spend their money other than Singapore. But for us, this is the first time.... and I can not help myself on comparing to my home city Jakarta.
We left our hostel in Phnom Penh again at 6.oo in the morning to catch Air Asia to Bangkok.

To be honest the reason for me to go to Bangkok is to see the city, the people and to find out what is it in Bangkok that manage to attract so many tourist compare to Jakarta; what so special about Bangkok?

Just to wrap up everythign I've seen in Bangkok and to compare it with Jakarta and Singapore maybe, was that Bangkok has so many historical buildings that was well maintained that attract people to come. it seems that their tourist industry was so prepared compare to people in Jakarta who don't really care on this prospective industry.

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Phnom Penh

By bus....

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6 hour by bus to Phnom Penh
As promised, at 6.30 am we have to be ready in front of the hotel as our bus will picked us up to go to Phnom Penh.... And exactly at that hour, the bus arrived; as we are traveling with back pack, it was really pampering us when the bus crew is more than happy to take care of our heavy luggage.
We didn't know that this was only a feeder bus who picked the passenger from every hostel in Siem Reap. The bus itself was not a mini bus, it was a really 54 seater bus, but the location of the hostel was not all in the main/big road. To my surprise, although the road was only as big as 3m width, the bus manages to do maneuvers and get away with all the dirt on small alleys.

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