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Arrive in Singapore, a bit tired but happy as this is the place I always knew for a long time, and it’s really a nice place to stay, even though I could have never stay here for a very long time. However, this a civilized place for me, after more than 6 months in the desert.

What I like from Singapore is I knew the place, how to get going and how things are worked here; I could function well without having the need to ask help from others. The other things is that I have friends here who would always welcome me and happy to show me around. Just like any other Indonesian who always likes to see each other.

The feeling of Singapore, with all the hassle dazzle of city life. It was just like what I had expected. The airport was as usual, not really represent the city yet, but everything I need to travel was there, communication card, internet access, as well as superb public transportation.

Dump my travel bags in a friend’s office and move around the city was the next thing I had to do. However, to get to her office was not easy, as I need to walk more than 2 km from CityHall to our meeting point; and I was already tired of carrying my backpack as well as may rucksack. What makes things worse was that that the weather was so warm and humid.

To my surprise, her boss wants to meet me and turns out that he was keen to hire me to join the company. Well, I think my Middle East experience given me some new opportunity as they are looking for somebody with my qualifications. Sad to say I am not looking for a job now, but maybe yes later this year.

She send me to the train station, near Tanjong Pagar. I asked her to buy me one ticket with KTM – Kereta Tanah Melayu to take me to KL by rail. It was an idea as well to travel all the way to Bangkok by this train. As a true adventurer maybe this is an interesting option, but I don’t think I have the energy and the time to do so, as this require more energy, stamina as well as flexibility in time. I don’t think I am ready for this, and I don’t think I will.

As I need to give my back a break, I was a bit disappointed when she told me that she only bought me a second class train ticket; but it turns out to be a terrific coach; a wagon lie… or in English the term is sleeping coach. The worst part was only there is some body snoring and it was louder than the sound of the train and it went on till the next morning.

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