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Fancy Holiday to East Coast Us

The Plan

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All the paper works and travel documents preparation are there, ticket, visa, exit permit, international driving license, and everything... I could not wait any longer... and it is still two days away before my departure, the daily routine is still there, going to the office and working hard, as there are loads of things to finish off before I go.

Here is the itineraries of my FANCY HOLIDAY...

Day 1: July 26 - departure from Doha using the promotion flight direct to Dulles Airport, Washington DC. Arrive in the evening at 19.10
Day 2: July 27 - driving around Baltimore before ends up watching the famous American Game: Baseball
Day 3: July 28 - Driving up to Boston, and will stay for 2 nights
Day 5: July 30 - Drive down to New York and spend three nights
Day 8: August 2 - Drive to Philadelphia, do a city tour before drive back to Baltimore
Day 9: August 3 - Fly to Orlando and spend 3 nights to see Disney World...
Day 12: August 6 - Fly back to Baltimore and maybe drive to Columbia and /or/or not Annapolis
Day 13: August 7 - Sightseeing Washington DC
Day 14: August 8 - ????
Day 15: August 9 - Fly back to Doha

Any idea? I think this will be a hectic but fun holiday...

This is the trip Map

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The Beginning

First Trip with My Sis

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The first 6 month working in a strange country was always the hardest…. I really needs a break, but as it is difficult to do anything on my own, thus I decided to ask my sister to accompany me begin my travel adventure….

Out for her convenience, we will travel around South East Asian only; but to make it more interesting, I don’t think I want to travel only to Singapore like most Indonesian do. Thus after a carefully planned, these are my travel tales of SE Asia in 2006

I started my trip by hoping to a flight from Doha to Singapore after my golf class, and a farewell party for a colleague who leaves the company for good. This is supposed to be an overnight flight to Singapore, where I was schedule to arrive at 13.45 the next day.

There is nothing new about this trip, and not too exiting for the usual back packer. I thing the difference between this trip and other trip is that I come from Doha – the Middle East and will meet up with my Sister from Jakarta in KL.

This is my travel SE Asia travel map:

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